SIALKOT - Federal Minister for National Regulation and Services Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said that the PPP government had eliminated the backwardness of far-off areas of Bajwat and completed record development projects in her constituency (NA 111).

Addressing a public meeting at the junction of three villages Rum, Chaprari and Pindi Maandla, she said that the PPP always promoted the politics of reconciliation and strengthened the people of backward areas, which were ignored in the past. The minister narrated that it was need of the hour that the politicians should serve the masses without their political affiliations by separating the benefits of state and politics. She said that the PPP firmly believed in serving the masses instead of making high slogans of change.

She said that the PPP was the guardian of the Constitution and democracy, adding that democracy was on its right track towards the political and economical stability in Pakistan. She said that true democracy was getting boost now in the country because of the effective strategy of the PPP government. She claimed that these political reforms were also bringing change in the attitude of the people.

She urged the masses to reject all those shattered their trust and stole the mandate of the people and plundered the national exchequer in the past. She said that the masses were the actual political power of the PPP as they always voted for the PPP. The PPP was successfully foiling every anti-democracy conspiracy, he said.

On the occasion, Tahir Sultan Advocate, the Advisor to AJK Prime Minister, said that the PPP government had successfully averted the possible clashes among the national institutions. MPA Tahir Mehmood said that it was the first time in country that any democratic government was going to complete its tenure. Later, she addressed an important meeting of the party workers.

Cylinder blast kills man, burn daughters: A family head was killed and his two daughters were injured seriously in a cylinder blast in village Dulchikey-Uggoki near Sialkot

Reportedly, trader Zafar Iqbal family was busy having meal in the kitchen, when an explosion occurred due to leakage of gas from the cylinder, killing 38-year-old Zafar Iqbal on the spot and seriously injuring his two daughters Rashida (26) and Fehmeeda (24). The rescuers shifted the injured to Govt Allama Iqbal Memorial DHQ Hospital where their condition is to be stated critical.