ISLAMABAD  - Ogra has recommended to raise gas prices for CNG, domestic and industrial consumers at highly inflated rate from January 1st.

As per OGRA recommendations gas price for domestic consumers falling under the consumption slab upto 100 units may go up by Rs 6.14 per one MMBTU, upto 300 units by Rs 12.28 and beyond 300 units Rs 30.

Price increase will range between Rs 30 to 430 per one MBBTU for mosques, churches and seminaries.

Gas supply for Army mess, private educational institutions, government and semi government offices and hospitals will also go costlier.

Recommendations include gas price raise Rs 48 per MBBTU for commercial consumers, Rs 6 to 48 for private ovens, Rs 48 for ice factories and Rs 39.38 for industry, Rs 51.87 for CNG, Rs 59 for cement factories, Rs 9.25 for fertiliser factories and Rs 39 for private power houses.