Generally speaking, that our leaders do not want to part with power, meaning thereby, financial and decision-making powers, or rather have developed a fatal attraction for it is borne out by the fact that the very basic building blocks of democracy, the local bodies elections are being constantly deferred. This is an attempt to take power away from the people. Though the Supreme Court that has been pointing this out repeatedly, it has yet again underscored their importance saying that the constitution stipulates that local bodies elections be held. The court cautioned that it is an order that has to be obeyed at all costs.

How can the government put on hold this vital requirement and still claim that it is a democratic one. The existing attitude in corridors of powers, which appears to be assemblies both provincial and the national, therefore, cannot be called conducive for empowering the people. So far as holding the elections are concerned, it not an arduous task as it is made out to be; they can be held in just one day. In fact when the general elections can be held in one day, what stops the authorities from conducting the local ones. The ruling elite, the self-proclaimed representatives of the public, is hence becoming a hurdle towards grassroots democracy, the real form of governance that is required in order to give the people a good chance to participate in exercise of power and reforming their system according to their needs.