Indian Supreme Court issued orders to release Pakistani Dr. Muhammad Khalil Chishti in New Delhi on Wednesday.

Chishti was sentenced to life imprisonment in January 2011 after long trial for allegedly killing a relative in Ajmer in 1992.

President Asif Ali Zardari had raised the issue of Chishti's release at his lunch meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during a private visit to India in April this year.

Shua Chisti‚ Daughter of Dr. Khalil Chisti has said her father will come to Pakistan on the first available flight.

The Indian Supreme Court had permitted Dr Chishti to return to Pakistan on “compassionate grounds” but on the condition that he would return to Indian custody on November 1, so it can hear his appeal against conviction in a murder case on November 20.

Dr Chishti complying court orders reached India 10 days before the hearing of the case, with wife Mehr-un-nisa and son Tariq Chishti.

After a prolonged trial that has stretched for almost 18 years, Dr Chishti was found guilty in a murder case and was awarded a life sentence on January 31 last year by a sessions court in Ajmer. The time he spent in jail while being tried was not considered to be included in his sentencing.