ISLAMABAD – Pakistan No. 2 tennis player Jaleel Khan returned home from US to participate in trials to be held here for the selection of Davis Cup team.

Jaleel remained in US for almost a year decided to represent Pakistan in the all-important Davis Cup match against Sri Lanka to be held in Colombo from February 1 to 3.

During a formal chat with this scribe at Senator Dilawar Abbas Complex on Tuesday after his arrival in the capital Jaleel said: “I came back to Pakistan as I feel that it is my national and moral duty to help country in the time of need. I prepared hard in US for the past 7 months to help Pakistan win the crucial Davis Cup tie against Sri Lanka.

“I left Pakistan when my ranking was No. 2 but now my ranking slipped to No. 5 spot and I would soon regain my national rankings”, he added. Jaleel said he got training at Total Tennis Academy, Sangerties, in the suburb of New York that helped me in learning new techniques and removing my weaknesses.” He is looking forward to visit New York next year again to get more training in a suitable tennis academy to help groom new talent in country at grassroots.

On a query about any coaching assignment from the PTF, Jaleel said if PTF offers him a coaching assignment and decides to establish an academy he will consider this offer. “I would offer my services to the country, if PTF decides to set up an academy and required my services as I am willing to impart training to the talented players to enable them to become future of Pakistan tennis”, Jaleel concluded.