Baqaul Mohsen

LODHRAN - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said that “lion of circus” cannot stop the impending PTI tsunami sweeping through the nook and corner of the country and called Shahbaz Sharif was in fact “Showbaz Sharif.” He declared that the PTI would change the Pakistan with the support of the youth.

Addressing public gatherings here in Lodhran, Kahror Pacca and Galaywall on Tuesday, the cricketer-turned-politician took jibe at both the PPP and the PML-N, saying that they were the two sides of the same coin. “There is no place for Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari in the upcoming new Pakistan,” he claimed, adding that the PML-N chief himself had admitted support for Asif Ali Zardari.

Imran said that both the parties were the responsible for the economic killing of people. He strongly condemned the Federal and Punjab governments over looting public money and hoodwinking the masses through different false claims.

The PTI chief accused the Punjab government of utilising all development funds for Raiwand and Lahore. “All development funds meant of South Punjab has been spent only one road in Lahore,” he elaborated.

Imran pointed out that today’s huge public meetings in the rural areas of South Punjab would serve as eye-opener for those who called the PTI an urban-based.

He said that his party would root out corrupt elements from the national politics. The PTI will give a tough time to all parties in the upcoming general elections because people have been fed up with all political parties due to their performance,” he predicted. The PTI chief argued that the country could not be left at the mercy of certain powers and neither mere slogans would help the cause of the country in anyway. Imran said that those who were befooling the masses with fake promises would meet a very bad ending.

He said that if PTI came to power, the entire system would be changed and would create a welfare and justice based society wherein begging would be abhorred and respectable living through provision of equal opportunities would be ensured.

The PTI is committed to bring revolution in the country and the nation has to decide its fate for a welfare, progressive and prosperous state as only a change can resolve our problems and the PTI will do it with the support of the public and with the grace of Allah Almighty because change of faces can never deliver the desired results and we wanted positive results and change for survival,” he advocated

Imran remarked that the youth was the ray of hope and surely the PTI would provide the youth with better chances to excel. He continued that the youth was asset to the country and they would ensure the youth leading the nation. He pointed out that Sharif brothers thought they would purchase the youth by giving them laptops but the reality was that the youth would get laptops from them and would give vote to the PTI.

Imran said that the PTI would revive the lost glory of the Green Passport and again make Pakistan a respectable and dignified country if come to power.

The PTI chief assured that his party would resolve the problems of the growers to boost the agriculture sector and economy of the country and all out efforts would be made to illuminate unemployment from the country for progressive and prosperous state.

Earlier, PTI Vice President Shah Mehmood Qureshi, former MNA Nawab Amanullah Khan and former federal minister Jahageer Tareen claimed that they left the government and ministries only for a change in Pakistan and the PTI was the only political party which could change the Pakistan and build a state wherein everyone would have equal rights without any discrimination. They requested the people to come forward and strengthen hand of the PTI for strong and prosperous Pakistan.

On the occasion, former Lodhran tehsil nazim Irshad Abbas Ghallo along with his thousands of companions announced joining the PTI.