KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh leaders have proposed delimitation of electoral constituencies based on the 18 towns and six cantonment boards as existing constituencies were based on political maneuvering to favour one party in the City.

PTI Sindh president Sardar Nadir Khan Leghari, Hafeezuddin, Naz Baloch and others while addressing a joint press conference at Karachi Press Club on Tuesday said that the MQM’s mandate in Karachi was fake and not real.

PTI leaders claimed that accordingly the present setup of public representation from union council to Karachi city district, provincial assembly, national assembly and Senate lacks true representations, delimitations in the City as areas and populations have been divided to favour certain elements in the elections.

They claimed that among other causes of law and order, one of the basic problem is unjust delimitation of provincial and national assembly electoral constituencies in the City, which urgently required to be made corrections based on transparent manner. Besides, the bogus and defective electoral list, for delimitation also caused of deterioration of law and order in the City.

Citing the anomalies in the electoral constituencies, the PTI leaders said that the New Karachi Town (District Central) divided in such a way that four national assembly constituencies and provincial assembly constituencies connected with them were influenced by the New Karachi and North Karachi area.

Similarly, the lines area and the adjacent areas of District East are influencing not only few constituencies of Dist East but also influencing Dist South. This is eroding the clear representation of Lines area and adjacent localities and the electoral result of Dist South as well, they claimed. The Burns Road (Saddar Town, Dist South) area is annexed with the areas of Clifton and Defence 9 cross, II Chundrigar Road, but the area adjacent to this locality which is Sultanabad is neglected and annexed with Kemari Town (Dist West). The Burns Road area does not only influence Defence, Clifton Town but also goes up to Lyari Town.

They added that the Orangi Town Area, Dist West is divided in such a manner that it spreads all together from Baldia Town to Gadap Town lacking their own pure representation.

While, the Malir and Gadap Town is also delimited in such a way that their representation is also lacking, they said, adding that above examples are quoted that they do not comply with the delimitation’s basic requirement.

Quoting the principles enshrined by the Election Commission in its rules, the PTI leaders said, “All constituencies are required to be delimited having regard to the distribution of population in geographically compact areas, existing boundaries of administrative units, facilities of communication, public convenience and other cognate factors to ensure homogeneity in creation of constituencies. All the constituencies for the general seats are, as far as possible, equal in population.”

The Election Commission, which for this purpose is called the Delimitation Commission, publishes a preliminary list of constituencies and invites representations thereon.

Sharing the proposals of delimitations for true representations in the City, the PTI leaders said that all 20 National Assembly and 42 Provincial Assembly constituencies of the City should be divided and delimited on the basis of 18 towns and 6 cantonments of Karachi.

In the proposal, they said that the population exceeds maximum NA seat threshold or does not exceeds the minimum population requirement these should be delimited or amalgamated with the adjacent towns.