LAHORE – After by-elections the PML-N has decided to mount pressure for the announcement of date for the general elections as apprehensions of their being postponed are looming large in the party ranks on various grounds.

The PML-N leadership held consultations and according to the party sources, it has given a nod to some steps for putting up resistance against the government if elections deferred. The party leadership, the sources say, believes that the government and the forces of status quo had joined hands to meet their respective interest which could be served through the continuation of the current situation at least for a year.

The leadership is not in a mood to trust the PPP as the N believes that the PPP ministers were blowing hot and cold on holding elections whereof strong confusion was gripping about the general elections taking place in time. The N-League reckons poor results in the by-polls, bad governance, and estrangement of PPP voters, were not favourable for the PPP government to hold in time elections.

The PML-N is also alarmed by what it estimates, the ground being leveled through a section of electronic media which was showing people talking of delayed elections, setting up of interim set up at least for a year and others matters as options to skip elections after March 18 next.

The Party thinks that the PPP superficially commits to hold elections in time yet it has done nothing practical to assure the other parties of its commitment and has also not resumed the process of dialogue with the opposition on this score after the two sides had held parleys some three months back. And the fears lurks in the mind that law and order situation in Karachi, the aggravation of the CNG crisis, transporters strike and other issues, were being intentionally blown up and not being taken care of by the government to create a favourable situation to get excuse for putting off the elections.

For the N-League, the sudden appearance and activity of a religious political parties and their stress on giving priority to the electoral reforms instead of conduct of the elections, as well as joining of others on a platform may be part of the scheme to linger on the status quo.

Sources say after the landslide victory in the by-election the powers, to whom split mandate suits to promote their interest, are also alarmed by the rising the popularity of the PML-N as its chance were getting brighter to form government in the centre and the provinces after the next elections, somewhat on the same line it was in 1997.

In order to ensure elections within time, the sources say, the PML-N will reach out to other political parties of its mind to broaden the platform against any such scheme of the government. Sources confide that the party was mulling various options to achieve the end wherein long march and street protest also figure but N-League would not press them into service earlier than the present government completes its term on March 18, before which, the party would however build a press for the announcement of the election date.