Any individual who chooses to enter politics, especially those who head political parties, should be open to public scrutiny and should show tolerance in the face of any analysis of their assets, their extravagance living life style, tax records, and their commitment to Pakistan as well as dual nationality status, financial and business records. When men or women who seek elected public office, or hold political party office, and are in a position to make decision and policies, than their private lives, weaknesses, and source of income should be open to public scrutiny and media exposure, because such people should be above board. Cults or hereditary rights to seek political roles are adverse to democratic norms, because these roles are only conducive to feudal mindsets. Political cults lead to violence, murder and threats of intimidation to exert their influence.

Party workers who do not tolerate criticism of their leaders have become a cult; this has no role in a democratic country. Political morality, democratic ethics and culture of tolerance has become victim of these cult-like groups that thrive on corruption, land grabbing, human traffic, drug scams, weapon smuggling and usurpation of state assets. Individuals like Asif Zardari, Nawaz Shariff, Shujaat, Bilawal, Hamza, Moonis Elahi, Pervaiz Elahi, Yusaf Raza Gillani, Pir Pagara, Altaf Hussain, Afzandyar Wali etc who have chosen to play a role in national or provincial politics should be subjected to strict public scrutiny and given exemplary severe punishment if found abusing their power for personal benefit and conflict of interest. Paid public servants must also be subjected to similar scrutiny and accountability.


USA, December 7.