KOT RADHA KISHAN - Three persons including a minor boy were killed in three different incidents here the other day.

As per detail, Liaqat Ali was on the way back home in Pattoki on a bicycle. When he reached near toll plaza, a speeding van 3303-RLQ coming from the opposite direction hit him, killing him on the spot. The driver fled the scene.

In another incident that occurred at old sugar mill Pattoki, a person was axed to death on the suspicion of illicit relation. The police said that Nawaz had developed illicit relation with Mst Komal. He came to the house of Komal and in the meantime her father Ghulam Rasool entered the home and axed him to death.

Meanwhile, at village Sanda Chishtana in the limits of Ganda Singhwala Police, five year-old minor boy namely Abu Huraira was found in the fields. He was killed by unidentified accused and threw his body in the field.