Are we heading towards committing global suicide? This could become the most critical question for the generations succeeding us. The theory of global warming, once viewed skeptically by a part of the scientific world, seems to have established its ominous credibility. The recent UN sponsored climate summit in Doha and the lofty prose regarding how we urgently need to do something to avoid a disastrous future, which does not seem too far now is no final solution.

But once again a disappointment which has ceased to shock due to its frequency was the result as far as any practical outcome of the summit was concerned. It was only, what Hamlet would have described ruefully as, “words, words, and words”. Vague promises of unspecified aid without a timetable were the excruciatingly unhelpful outcomes of yet another summit. However, the UN’s effort to make the occasion ironic by holding the talks in the capital of the world’s biggest per capita polluter must be appreciated. It adds a fine tragic touch to the proceedings. Areas as large as continents are melting away, as those who hold the future temperatures of our planet in their hands (temperatures upon which our survival seems to depend) continuously fail to break the ice of political deadlock.

We must remember that there is going to be a time in the future when our motives will be weighed and our actions will be scrutinized. What shall we answer when the future generations ask us about what we did when their future was melting away, that we were busy in deciding who will pay what for saving our future?


Okara, December 9.