Social media has taken hold in Pakistan; it has become strong and people use it often to air their personal views about personalities, based on their private lives. I am sure that if Facebook had a dislike button, it would probably be the most used feature on the site. Though these have many positive effects and can sometimes boost your ego, there are some aspects which are a cause for concern. Cases where the criminals have taken to using certain websites to commit certain crimes are aplenty.

In Pakistan we have learnt to respect each other yet we are not so open about our personal lives and that is how it should be, but some people tend to put personal information on their accounts without knowing that the information could be used by the criminals.

Many people have been victims of cyber crime, even kidnapping through information gleaned from certain networking websites. There is also a dire need for the cyber authorities to wake up and respond to the complaints filed by victims. The fact that they do nothing compounds the problem.


Lahore, December 10.