Water is a basic human requirement. Availability of clean water is the first thing any mega city should have. In Karachi, the water situation has worsened over the years as there is an insidious ‘Water Mafia’ in operation. People are facing water shortage in many areas and this is increasing alarmingly as well as giving a boost to the sale of water tankers. The sale of polluted and unhygienic water is spreading diseases such as Gastro which is panicking the populace.

World Health Organization has also expressed its concern over the gravity of the situation. Sources in Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) attributed the water scarcity to growing population and depleting water resources. They also point to a new issue which is about how the Water Board has not paid the electricity bills to KESC, due to which they have cut off its electricity supply. As a result the machines which pump water are off and hence creating the shortage.

Residents of the affected areas have complained that in the absence of piped water they have no choice but to buy private tankers at exorbitant rates or consume sub-soil unhygienic water at the cost of their health. It is therefore of utmost importance to take quick steps to address these issues so that the people of Karachi can have clean drinking water.


Karachi, December 9.