Leaders are born not made. Nelson Mandela is lauded as a hero now but there was a time when he was labeled as a terrorist by none other than the US and other countries. There were multiple allegations against him but despite all the allegations he did not let anyone break his spirit and ideology. For some countries he is a role model and rightly so; he is considered as one of the most peace loving persons, while spending 27 years of his life in prison, he preached peace and brotherhood, as Robben Island has itself become a symbol of peace.

His campaign against racism, inequality, injustice and cruelty as well as for equal rights for the black South African people would be written in golden letters. He became the first black President of South African in 1994 making it a landmark occasion. He had enough self respect not to go for another term. He is respected for his beliefs and his staunch stand for the rights of the South African people.


Hyderabad, December 9.