The blockade of Nato supply and equipment withdrawal routes through the troubled KPK province is now entering its third week. When talk about protest, sit-ins and blockades, one may presume these acts by a traditional Opposition to discredit the government, but in KPK ruling party and their partners are leading the circus. Let’s examine what they have achieved during the last two weeks which were full of chaos on the highways of KPK. And did the drone strikes stop? No, these continued; a recent one targeted several commanders of Haqqani Network staying in a seminary in Hangu; drone strikes are likely to continue as long as high-value targets are freely roaming and operating from Pakistani soil.

Is Nato unable to get its supplies or send out spare equipment; no, as supply route through Chaman border is open plus another route through Central Asia could be an another option (though a bit costly). Is this action on the part of PTI, the ruling party in KPK, boosting Pakistan’s economy; no, on the contrary it is directly hitting those connected with Nato transit, the transporters, small businesses, traders and workshops all along the supply route (other than the revenue federal government will lose from the coalition-support funds).

Is this action boosting Pakistan’s diplomatic leverage; no, in fact we are not only annoying a number of Nato countries but also deviating from the UNSC resolutions.

In short I am sure everyone must be wondering what the benefits PTI and partners are gaining from this circus? In my opinion it has achieved nothing! I believe its a simple case of defiance where one province has taken a stand, which is in contradiction with the country’s defense and foreign policies.


Saudi Arab, December 9.