For the last 65 years the people of Pakistan have been searching for the country that Quaid-i-Azam dreamed about. Many families lost loved ones in this struggle as well as all worldly assets. They left India penniless and dreamed of a better life in Pakistan were there would be Islam. These people have become heartbroken and lost all hope seeing what has become of Pakistan. Where is the Pakistan of our dear Quaid, which had been passed on to us to live in peace.

What will the present and past rulers say to them on the Day of Judgment when we will all have to answer for our actions? What will they say to the millions who lost their lives in bomb blasts and target killings? How will they justify the high prices, the loss of energy, the selling of our self respect in the world market and leaving us even deprived of esteem?

At the time of independence everyone knew who was a martyr and who was not. Now some of our religious leaders have declared that a ‘dog’ can be proclaimed a martyr if he is killed by the Americans while our armed forces who are defending us have been declared ‘Just Killed.’

Establishing a country and drawing benefits from that country (looting the exchequer) are two separate things. Unluckily, we have rulers who come to power only for their own personal gains. The ongoing and nonstop corruption has bled the nation dry. The entire country is bruised and bleeding. The birthplace of Quaid has been turned into an altar where bloodshed is frequent. Killings, fire, hunger and loot and terrorism are the order of the day. The value of the life of a Muslim is nowhere to be seen.

Muslims are being killed by the so-called Muslims. These lost souls are confused whether it is martyrdom or the unlawful and unethical killing. My analysis, my thinking and my power of decision and rationality have come to an end. My experiences and my learning and education have stopped helping me to find out clues to this maze. Ages have passed struggling and striving, but seeing the new generation wasted and worn, with still no sign of the freedom for the innocent and repeatedly victimized public that they were promised makes my heart cry.


London, December 9.