I get confused whenever I hear these two words put together ‘Slavery and Safety’ as they have very different meanings. It seems as if we in Pakistan are using them together to create a new meaning. What is being portrayed by the ruling elite to the general public is that if we are not slaves of terrorists and militants we will never be safe! Why have we become their slaves when we are a nuclear country with one of the best armies in the world. I simply cannot understand.

Why do we forget the meaning of sovereignty? Aristotle defined sovereignty as a supreme power of the state and so if we relate to this definition we can easily guess who is the supreme power here; terrorists on our soil or the drones who kill them with impunity? I believe that most of the important decisions of the country are taken with the approval of clergy that panders to the militant sentiment. The question remains are we a sovereign state?


Rawalpindi, December 2.