BARA - At least seven militants were killed and eight secret hideouts were also demolished in a fresh airstrike in Khyber Agency on Thursday.

According to Inter-services Public Relations (ISPR), Khyber-1 is successfully continuing as seven more militants were killed along with the destruction of eight secret hideouts in Khyber Agency.

Moreover, about 180 militants along with their key leaders have been killed whereas more than 400 terrorists have surrendered until now.

Earlier, in Operation Khyber-1, 135 militants including prominent commanders have been killed whereas 250 militants arrested since the launching of the operation.

According to military sources, militants are being outflanked as several of their hideouts have been obliterated.

Operation Khyber-1 initiated on October 17 aims at wiping off terrorist entities from the Bara area of Khyber tribal region. Datta Khel, Boya and Degan, which were considered strong holds of militants, have mostly been cleared while the forces are making substantial advancements to ensure the clearance of rest of the trouble spots.