New Delhi- In a shocking case of murder in the national capital, a body of a teenager has been found with his hearts and private parts missing, reports said on Friday.

The severed body of the 18-year-old Kuldeep was recovered from Bhati Mines area in south Delhi on Thursday. Kuldeep's house is located just 500 meters from where his body was found.

As per reports, the body was found with severed head and ripped-off arm. While these were recovered nearby, Kuldeep's heart and private parts are still missing. The victim's family claims he was stoned to death.

Police said the attackers dumped the body in the forest area in a bid to project it as a case of animal attack. Police, who have filed an FIR, have debunked the robbery angle saying his bike and other belongings were recovered from the crime scene.

A love triangle or personal enmity could be the reason behind the murder, police suspect. Locals say the police were able to identify the body with the help of a name tattoo. As per family members, Kuldeep had recently joined a private company in Gurgaon as a courier.