The tragic and heartrending news on December 10, 2014 regarding the brutal killing of a couple and their four children, in Jhang, over a love marriage contracted 55 years ago, symbolises a society where life has no value. How many couples will be killed in the name of honour? Do we live in a jungle or a lawless society, where criminals roam free and we should all worry about our lives? Does the law provides safe exit to the murderers in such killings? Does the law condone honour killing? It is good that CM Punjab took notice of the incident and asked for a report from Jhang’s DPO. I request the CM Punjab and the Supreme institution established to maintain law and order and to punish the culprits in a way as to set an example for others especially for such senseless people who do not value life, let them be deprived of life, maybe then they will value it!


Lahore, December 10.