Islamabad - A visit to Fun City - an indoor play area for kids at Centaurus Mall - spread smiles on the faces of children of Thalassemia Major. Around 50 Thalassemia children along with their parents held a day out activity at Fun City on Thursday.

As part of the “One Good Heart Initiative” developed and adopted by Fun City, the event was held in conjunction with Thalassemia Awareness and Prevention Pakistan (TAPP). It was for the time that ant recreational activity was organised for Thalassemia children.  

The children were treated with much fanfare as they were given a VIP treatment by the staff of Fun City, and they were given full access to all the games and attractions of Fun City which they thoroughly enjoyed along with meals and goodie bags.

“Thalassemia is a disease that affects all walks of life, irrespective of social status, cast, creed and religion. More than 10 million people are “Carriers” of Thalassemia in Pakistan. And annually almost 6,000 to 7,000 children are born with Thalassemia Major in Pakistan every year,” Ayesha Abid, President of TAPP commented. “This is mainly due to lack of awareness, knowledge and education regarding this disease.

We are appreciative and look towards more organisations like Fun City to help in this regard by organising and co-participating in day out activities for affected children, raising awareness on the efforts and education towards the prevention of the disease and supporting fund raising activities,” she added.

Arooj Hussain, Director of Community Affairs heading the Public Outreach Programme  at Fun City, and its parent company 101 RAS said, “It has been over a year since Fun City launched in Pakistan, and we have had several CSR activities with various NGO’s and schools over the last 13 months.”

“This event with TAPP brings particular joy to me because its initiatives deserve more attention and exposure especially since it can be prevented and its current affectees should be given adequate moral, mental and financial support so they can live normal lives, and chase their dreams. These are normal children who undergo challenging circumstances on a daily basis and we should come together for the sake of ensuring their continued strength. Fun City will certainly look towards ways we can do more, to work hand in hand with TAPP,” she said.