ISLAMABAD - Expressing serious concerns over the report of members regarding delays in construction of water reservoirs and electricity generation projects, Chairman Senate Standing Committee Zahid Ali Khan has directed Wapda officials to take immediate measures otherwise those responsible for hindering the projects of national importance would be handed over to NAB.

The report submitted by the members is based on facts, immediate action must be taken to address the reservations expressed by the members otherwise those responsible would be handed over to NAB. Zahid was referring to the report of Senator Nisar Khan, which revealed that due to delays in Golan Gol project daily loss of Rs.25 million was incurring to the national exchequer, while total loss volume was up to Rs 2.5 billion. Nisar Khan said that he visited the site and found that construction on lot-2 had stopped from last 13 months, due to which machinery at the site was deteriorating.

The Members criticized Chairman Wapda Zafar Mehmood briefing on Golan Gol dam and observed that Wapda Chairman presentation and on ground facts were all together different.

They (Wapda) should have mercy on the nation, nobody is stopping them from international visits but they should also fulfill their primary responsibilities, Khan said, adding, this project was supposed to be completed in 2014, but despite release of all financing the project does not seemed to be completed in 2015 even.

The Chairman Wapda explained that the project was based on Saudi and Kuawaiti fund. Kuwaiti funds consortium has reservations about the remaining funds, required to complete the project.

He said his department was in contact with Kuwaiti company and also with USAID regarding the project and assured that immediate action would be taken on the report of Senator Nisar Khan.

The Chairman expressed his dissatisfaction over the Neelam-Jehlum project and observed that the flow of water was ignored and no official action was initiated against officials for making flawed feasibility and PC-1.

He said it was due to those flaws that after 2005 the project cost escalated and Rs 130 billion cost in 2007 shot up to Rs 274 billion in 2012-13.

Project Director apprised the committee that Neelam-Jhelum project would be completed by 2016, and the water which was entering in the tunnels has been stopped. He said the project will generate 969 MW electricity at the total cost of Rs.50 billion. However, he said that there was s shortfall of Rs 475 million, if three million is released every month the project would be completed on time.

Officials from Ministry of Finance said that the project was not financed by PSDP, but Wapda was financing it with the help of donors and market. He said Neelam-Jhelum was not only the project under-construction but there were many other projects that required funding.