ISLAMABAD - Information Secretary PTI Shireen Mazari Thursday said that complicity of Returning Officers (ROs) in rigging was becoming ever clear after the statement of DRO and RO in vote recounting of NA-122.

It was shocking to learn that in the tribunal that ordered recount of NA 122 votes, the DRO and RO have declared this cannot be done as they do not have a physical location to do the recount, Dr Mazari said in a statement.

This is the most absurd pretext to avoid the recount and it is clear that the intent is to delay this so that the truth is not revealed before the nation, she added.

The PTI Information Secretary said that the tribunal must ensure that the bags were opened and votes verified as per its order.

The statement said that in fact action must be taken against the DRO and RO for trying to stop implementation of the election tribunal order for a recount in NA 122.