ISLAMABAD - Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has reiterated his demand of transparent investigations into rigging of general elections 2013 to ensure complete fairness in next polls during his address to the Islamabad High Court Bar Association (IHCBA) here on Thursday.

Addressing the capital’s legal fraternity, Imran said that PTI had admitted elections for the sake of country but not rigging, adding that massive rigging was carried out in the elections as at least 50 votes were cast on a single thumb impression in different constituencies in the elections.

He said the demand to recount votes in only four constituencies was just in the wake of the country’s critical situation maintaining that he had demanded the same in his first address in the National Assembly.

The Chairman PTI said that the newest democracy in the world Afghanistan saw recounting and verification of 7 million votes while the 67-year-old democracy in Pakistan could not do the same in as low as four constituencies.

“What I want is the investigation of rigging crime, identify the culprits and their consequential penalties. If we stop our moment here, there would be no free and fair elections in future,” said Khan.

In his opening remarks, president IHCBA Mohsin Akhtar Kayani said that bars around the country invite people from different schools of thoughts providing them with a forum to express themselves.

He remarked that the resumption of dialogue between PTI leadership and the government is a good sign and it will bring good for the country.

He said that the lawyers of Islamabad had been facing discrimination as no judge was appointed from Islamabad quota and judges in Islamabad were all from other provinces.

The PTI chairman said that this is defining moment for Pakistan. “The country has been lagging behind in terms of progress due to non-existence of real democracy in the country. Democracy is a best system ever discovered by the humanity for administering states and better democracy will bring prosperity for the country.

He said that the 2013 elections were most rigged elections of the country and all political parties declared the results disputed. “But no one except us raised its voice for the investigation and audit of the election results because others were beneficiaries of the election results.”

Imran said that he welcomed new round of dialogue and there should be investigation and that should be time bound tood. “When culprits would be penalized, Pakistan will get benefit,” said Khan.

He said that ANP Mian Iftikhar Hussain said that PTI had stolen their mandate in Khyber Pukhtonkha. “I challenge Mian Iftikhar to move an application for opening whatever constituency and PTI would readily accept this. PTI would not hide behind the stay orders like Ayaz Sadiq has been doing.”

Imran questioned the country’s judicial system and said that if the election of Nawaz Sharif and Ayaz Sadiq proved wrongful, what justification will be there that the two kept working at the important seats for two years without mandate.

True democracy could come only when monarchy ends, he said, adding that the moment for ‘bringing change’ should not let go. He maintained that monarchy was being practised in the country in the name of democracy.