Violence is the cultivation of extreme thoughts. Child labor, domestic violence, child abuse, women mistreatment, acid attacks, rape; all are products of extremism. Extremism a word refers mostly to religious radicalization and political stagnation is something more than that.

An innocent soul was brutally beaten to death by a veiled terrorist; her own guardian in Lahore. Anika Khalid a 12 year old little child was accused of not making round chapattis.

We all are extremists committing terrorism. Not listening to others, considering one right and bullying others on the basis of their choices. These extremists, terrorists, radical beliefs had permeated every nook and corner of our society, weakening its foundations. These incidents are now part of daily news.

What we lack in this whole picture is patience, tolerance for little things. Tolerance is a subject of every religion and still it lacks in our country. If we develop this habit and try to identity a veiled extremist or terrorist in us we can avoid and fight this terrorism at the very basic level.


Islamabad, November 19.