When author Michael Muhammad Knight was a teenager he converted to Islam in order to break as much as possible with his white supremacist father. However, when you consider the brief descriptions of his childhood he offers readers in his book,Journey to the End of Islam, published by Soft Skull Press, you have to wonder how much Islam represented a place of order which would relieve him of having to make his own decisions about good and evil and wrong and right.

This quote however, shows the failure of our state. Knight here proves that we have used religion, not as a spiritual choice for an individual, but as a binding, forcible element to legitimize power. Zia, made no effort to conceal his efforts to use Islam as his own personal authority. Even today, the religious authority has made it clear that only a particular version of Islam is to be followed.

“I passed by General Zia's tomb and knew that I never would have become Muslim if I was raised in this country [Pakistan]. As a rebellious American adolescent, I had chosen Islam because it was the religion of Malcolm X, a language of resistance against unjust power. But in Pakistan, Islam was the unjust power, or at least part of what kept the machine running. Pakistan's Islam was guilty of everything for which I had rebelled against Reagen-Falwaell Christianity of America.”

― Michael Muhammad Knight, Journey to the End of Islam, (2009).