The ‘Right to Information’ has been accepted as a fundamental human right by the United Nations. In recent past Punjab and Sindh have also enacted legislations to facilitate public an easy access to government-held information and records. In many other countries this resulted in greater transparency, efficiency as well as eradication of evils of corruption and nepotism. In other words, the citizen’s right to information results in good governance.

This Constitutional right of the citizens to access information has been elaborated and made more effective by the superior judiciary of Pakistan. The law is also been implemented by some civilians recently and proved to be very effective. Laws like this can bring a true change within the existing bureaucratic system and upcoming vernal local bodies. This law if used with discretion may prove to be game changer for middle class hapless people.

But still there is a lot to aware public about right to information. Media and social elitists have to inform, educate masses to take full use of the RTI. More campaigns must be lodged for public awareness and seminar ensuring the participation of bench and bar, civil societies, etc.


Islamabad, November 19.