Through the well reputed column of your newspaper, I want to draw attention of all those young reader who are technically on the most crucial point of their lives choosing the career they'd most likely pursue for the rest of their lives.

In all this haste recalling dates of different entrance tests you have to appear in and running like crazy from one to the next, you forgot to ask yourself a question. Is it really your dream that you are chasing or is it a goal your family set for you in the name of societal pressure of choosing a profession worth bragging about with the latter being more likely the case.

There is quite a lot about the mentality of our society that lies far beyond one's grasp. No matter how unreasonable and confusing it gets, majority of the people never really took the trouble of considering our double standards as an issue that needs to be addressed. Apparently it took generations over generations to formulate those little set of rules and those who got hands on them had every right to decide if they will be restricted to a group of people or will apply to every other person on earth but themselves. For instance, you just know you have to give up on your dream of being a photographer or a writer or take a walk away from that bunch of guitars and concentrate well on your law studies or any other that the society sees as respectable. You just know being a girl you are not supposed to opt for something like architecture demanding field work and need to stick to medicine or the social sciences.

The purpose of taking you through all that above is to tell you that all you need to do is prove yourself. Anticipating that you won't be able to stand for long, fearing that people will ultimately bring you down and letting them stand in the way of opportunities knocking at your door will not get you anywhere in life. Do what makes YOU happy!

As far as the society is concerned, it requires evolution of a whole new mindset which certainly is not an easy task. A family is the basic unit of a society and we need to take this responsibility to inculcate in our next generations the ability to accept others as they, coexist with those who are different and abandon the mission of making clones in terms of mental makeup.


Islamabad, November 18.