The UN is the most prestigious world organisation dealing with the issues of human interest. It is not concerned with a specific religion, nations or states. Its aim is to safeguard the basic rights of the downtrodden and needy, people or states. It is worldwide in its scope. But since long it is not showing any real worth.  

It has become one-sided with a specific ideology. It seems that it has been fighting for human rights of the veto powers only and has been defending their interests. Wherever a poor person, state or region was under siege, it looked back towards the veto powers for counselling but to no avail. If there was a specific religious community, it acted on the spur of the time and won freedom for that. If there was ethnic cleansing or a mass massacre as in Myanmar or Bosnia, it has remained busy in forming committees and commissions. What can these so called commissions do? It is still unable to promulgate even its own resolutions because these are related to Muslims.  

What can these commissions and committees do about famines, war and terrorism? As far as my observation is concerned, it works to do the bidding of the other “Us” i.e. US, UK and EU. These Us are a hindrance in the way of justice and fair play in the world politics. Our UN will become independent someday to decide and act on merit. Today, Yasin Malik has been paralysed by the Indian forces in jail. 


Sahiwal, November 4.