According to a press report, the Sindh government has released Rs25 million from the taxpayers’ money for the public gathering announced by Pakistan People Party (PPP) for the purpose of security of public gatherings, which actually will be spent on arranging a jalsa (public political meeting).  

Similarly, Rs25 million was provided to the Larkana District administration for the jalsa, held to commemorate the 37th death anniversary on April 4, 2016. I would like to ask about the law under which the politicians are spending taxpayers’ funds on political activities. PPP, which claims is the party for the poor people of Pakistan, should not do this. It seems there is competition between PML-N leaders and PPP leaders to use public money for personal political objectives.  

The head of both parties are very rich as well as their MNAs and MPAs. Why are they not contributing for their leader’s jalsa? Why is the money of poor Pakistanis used without any remorse? Why are they so cruel and heartless? 


Lahore, November 4.