BAHAWALPUR-Jamaat-e-Islami leaders flayed India for making mockery of Sartaj Aziz, the adviser to prime minister on foreign affairs, and asked the government raise the matter at international forms.

He said that the government should expose the true face of India. Sartaj Aziz’s participation in the “Heart of Asia” conference was meaningless and Indian behaviour with him was against the delegacy etiquettes. Stopping him from talking to the media exposed its narrow thinking and a clear example of extremism.

“Government of Pakistan should learn from the misbehaviour that Indian does not want any kind of relationship with Pakistan. In the past, India has been involved in such unethical and irresponsible attitude,” they said.

They added that Pakistani leaders should not hurt the emotions of 20 million Pakistanis over the friendship with Indian Prime Minister Modi and refrain from begging for negotiations. They added history is evident that India was never our ally and neither it will ever be. It always hurt Pakistan’s interests, they said and added India is using tactics to divert the international attention from Indian atrocities and violent actions In Kashmir.

He said that Heart of Asia Conference was incomplete without the role of Pakistan. With peace, the situation of South Asia will get better and only then true development and prosperity will come to the region.