LOS ANGELES-Taylor Swift has scored a minor legal victory after a judge dismissed a small claims lawsuit against her.

Russell Greer filed the lawsuit in Salt Lake City, Utah, claiming negligence against her agents for ignoring a song he wrote for her.

Greer was seeking $7,000 (£5,600) in damages, but the Shake It Off singer’s lawyer Greg Skordas appealed for the case to be thrown out, insisting the court had no jurisdiction over Swift, who lives in New York.

Judge Ed Havas ruled in Swift’s favour.

“The fact that you’re in Salt Lake City, or that you do some conduct in Salt Lake City, does not give rise to jurisdiction over Ms. Swift,” Havas said.

He also dismissed Greer’s claims of intentional infliction of emotional distress caused by Swift.

“Without duty, none of the rest of it needs to be considered because if there is no legal duty to breach, it doesn’t matter what happens because there can be no liability for the breach of a duty that doesn’t exist,” Havas explained.

Greer is reportedly planning to file another case in federal court.