ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Navy Ship PNS Shamsheer has rescued 41 out of 61 people during a rescue operation in the Gulf of Aden after a boat from Yemen capsized 30 nautical miles north-west in Socotra Island.

According to a spokesperson of the Pakistan Navy , PNS Shamsheer launched a search and rescue operation as soon as the headquarters of the task force 151 received information about the capsized boat.

The spokesperson said that the boat was carrying 61 personnel, out of which 41 had been rescued so far, and operations were still underway to locate the remaining individuals.

PNS Shamsheer is part of the multinational task force 151, a global coalition force, which the Pakistan Navy joined, in the backdrop of a UN Security Council resolution, in 2009 to combat piracy.

The navy has since been an integral part of the force.