MULTAN: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aircraft's engine caught fire on Sunday, only four days after the tragic incident of flight PK-661 air crash.

According to details, PIA's flight PK-581 was set to take off from Multan to Karachi but the aircraft was stopped at the runway before it could take off. The flight PK-581 was on its way to Karachi when its engine caught on fire. 

It is pertinent to mention here that PIA officials had refuted allegations that the aircraft of flight PK-661 had crashed due to its engine catching fire.

“These reports are mere speculations which may mislead the public into drawing wrong conclusion. Fact of the matter is that both engines of the aircraft were fully operational at the time of take off from Chitral and some problem developed during flight,” PIA spokesman Danyal Gilani said in a statement.

According to airport sources, the pilot immediately informed the tower about the engine of the aircraft catching fire. The pilot stopped the aircraft from taking flight within a few moments before take off.

The plane along other nine existing ATR jets have been grounded, while the passengers will be sent to their destinations through an alternative aircraft. A team of engineers will leave from Karachi to Multan for repairing the craft.