KAMALIA/SAMBRIAL- Candidates, aspiring to contest for top slots of the Tehsil Municipal Committees, filed nomination papers in Kamalia and Sambrial.

According to Returning Officer Rana Nawaz, Kamalia constituency was declared open by the PML-N high-ups due to differences between the local MNA Ch Asadur Rahman and MPA Nazia Raheel. Nazia Raheel group nominated Malik Muhammad Sharif for the slot of TMC chairman while its political ally Awam League nominated Mahmoodul Hassan Jutt as vice chairman. The group claims support of 29 councillors in the 44 members house.

On the other hand, Ch Asadur Rahman group nominated Atiqur Rehman for the slot of TMC chairman and Muhammad Ali Kharal for vice chairman. Independent candidates - Abrar Hussain and Shaukat Kamboh also filed nomination papers for the slots of TMC chairman and vice chairman respectively.

In Sambrial, four candidates are contesting for the slot of chairman Sambrial Municipal Committee.

According to official sources, PML-N nominated Rana Jang Sher, a candidate who is backed by MPA Arshad Warraich.

In tehsil Sambrial, Nasir Warraich is the second strong candidate for the chairman slot who is being supported by PTI Noori group as well as some of the PML-N groups. The PML-N had split during elections to the reserved seats of the TMC as some N-councillors had cast votes in favour of the PTI supported candidates which made the PTI successful on four out of seven seats. At which the N councillor Nasir Warraich left the MPA Arshad Warraich group over conflict of contesting elections to the reserved seats. Now Nasir Warraich has got support of the PTI after leaving the PML-N MPA group and is likely to grab the seat with majority.

Two independent candidates - Ishtiaq Sheikh and Qaiser Amin also filed nomination papers. But they both are covering Jang Sher and Nasir Warraich respectively and will be active in case of step out of leading candidate(s). A total 27 votes will be cast for the chairman slot of TMC on Dec 22.