ISLAMABAD - The government has started 18th census of grade 1 to 22 civil servants of the federal government.

A two pages form has been provided to all the employees of the federal government and have asked to provide about their positions till July 1st, 2018.

According the 17th census carried in 2016, the grade 1-22 employees working in the federal secretariat, Punjab occupies the highest number of posts with 64.75 per cent (including 9.78 per cent Islamabad) followed by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with 14.87 per cent.

In the 18th census, the form has various questions with some questions are only gazetted officials specific and the non-gazetted employees are exempted from it. The data is being collected regarding the personal, family and professional lives of the employees. The forms have been issued and the date of return has not been yet announced.

The employees have been asked to provide the information regarding name, father name, dual nationality, blood group, marital status CNIC and Passports numbers. The employees have also been asked to provide the nationality details of their spouses and kids.

The civil servants have been asked to provide the details of the cadre, place of posting, name of province and educational qualifications. The employees have also been asked to provide the details about their houses, religion, type of vehicles and whether government or private. The information collection will help the government to analysis the data and ascertain about the size of Federal Government in respect of sanctioned and actual strength of its employees.

Pakistan Public Administration Research Centre (PPARC), Establishment Division is responsible to collect, compile and disseminate the data of Federal Government employees. For this purpose, PPARC periodically carries out censuses of Federal Government Civil Servants in terms of their classifications and characteristics after every three years.

According the data of obtained through 17 census (1st July 2016), out of total actual working strength of 570,553 employees in BS 1 to 22, only 27,858 posts are occupied by the BS 17-22. Out of which, 18.55per cent officers belong to Defence Division and are ranked first follow by Capital Administration & Development Division with 17.38per cent, Finance Division with 13.78per cent, Kashmir Affairs & Gilgit Baltistan Division, Revenue Division with 7.68per cent and 7.23per cent share respectively. BS 1-16, Interior Division ranked first with 35.75per cent share due to Civil Armed Forces (CAF), followed by Defence Division with 20.70per cent, while, Railways, Communications & Postal Services and Kashmir Affairs & Gilgit Baltistan Divisions ranked third, fourth and fifth with 13.75per cent, 6.43per cent and 5.69per cent shares respectively.

Among 20,944 Federal Government employees working in BS 1-22 in the Federal Secretariat, having Punjab domicile are 64.75per cent (including 9.78per cent Islamabad) ranked first while second largest share goes to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with 14.87per cent. The third, fourth and fifth positions go to Sindh BS-7 ( 7.58per cent) BS-16 (22.22per cent) BS-14 (12.77per cent) BS-9 (9.86per cent) BS-5 (7.80per cent) BS-11 (5.92per cent) 24 with 11.48per cent (6.49per cent for Sindh Rural and 4.99per cent Sindh Urban), Azad Jammu and Kashmir 3.47per cent, Balochistan 3.37per cent while Federally Administered Tribal Areas with 1.31per cent and Gilgit-Baltistan with 0.74per cent stand at sixth and seventh positions respectively.

Among 549,609 Federal Government employees working in attached departments and subordinate offices, Punjab with 46.43per cent (including 1.62per cent Islamabad), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with 24.91per cent, Sindh with 14.13per cent, Gilgit-Baltistan with 6.78 per cent, Baluchistan with 4.10per cent, Federally Administered Tribal Areas with 2.48per cent and Azad Jammu & Kashmir with 1.17per cent stand at their respective positions.

Basic scale (BS) wise analysis shows that BS 1-4 has largest share of 28.36per cent among total 542,695 working employees in BS 1-16 in the Federal Government. The second position goes to the employees working in BS-5 with 23.23per cent, the third, fourth and fifth positions are occupied by BS-6 with 10.98per cent, BS-7 with 10.28per cent and BS-9 with 7.53per cent respectively. However, BS16 with 6.32per cent, BS-14 with 4.88per cent, BS-11 with 3.22per cent and BS-8 with 2.63per cent get sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth positions respectively. Remaining scales BS-15, BS-13, BS-12 and BS-10 are at the lowest positions with less than 1per cent share in employees of BS 1 to 16.

Similarly, in the actual strength of 27,858 officers working in BS 17-22, the percentage share of BS-17, BS-18, BS-19, BS-20, BS-21 and BS-22 comes to 56.27per cent, 26.98per cent, 10.97per cent, 3.92per cent, 1.48per cent and 0.38per cent. Figure-7 shows actual share position in BS 17-22.