We now know that some human populations do not count as humans. Nor do any violation of their rights disturb the consciousness of the civilised world. Kashmiris make one such group of people. The killing fields of Kashmir reek of blood. The air of the valley is polluted with gunpowder. The international community is acting like an ostrich over the consistent violations of human rights of Kashmiris at the hands of Indian security forces. The civilised world has put its head in the sand as if doing so will exonerate it from the crime of silence that it has maintained over the brutalities of Indian troops in the occupied territories of Kashmir.

All over the world, December 10 is celebrated as International Human Rights Day. However, it seems, that the global community, nowadays, is least concerned with the fate of people whose rights are violated on a routine basis. Every year, despite making tall and lofty claims of ensuring the supremacy of human rights of all people, the promises prove empty. An overview of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – adopted by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) – shows that the document has proved a failure.

What does the silence of international community tell us? The silence shows that the global society is devoid of moral courage. The world community’s lack of concern over Indian oppression in Kashmir shows that it does not believe in saving the future generations from the scourge of wars –an ideal that it wanted to achieve while establishing the United Nations (UN).

Indian forces act in Kashmir with impunity. They do not discriminate people when killing them is concerned. Men, women, children, even old and disabled ones, all are treated like active combatants on the field. But even the active combatants enjoy some protections under international humanitarian law, but not the people of Kashmir. The reason that India acts against Kashmiri without giving any consideration to the human rights is the demand of Kashmiris to exercise their right to self-determination.

While India tries to maintain its illegal possession over Kashmir and malign the struggle of Kashmiris as terrorism, international law and the United Nations allow the Kashmiris to overthrow the yoke of unlawful occupation by any mean. India needs to know that armed resistance of Kashmiris does not constitute terrorism under international law. It is about time that international community breaks its criminal silence over Kashmir. The fierce urgency of now demands to put pressure on India to refrain from violating the human rights of Kashmiri people. If the world cannot help Kashmiris in winning their struggle against India’s illegal occupation, then commemorating International Human Rights Day is just meaningless.