Balochistan lacks healthcare sector through which thousands of people die because of occurrence of cylinder blasts, accidents, heart attack and many more. In a recent report, in Turbat, a cylinder blasted in a small shop of potato chips, where it least more than 5 people died and several are injured and admitted in the hospital of Karachi. When victims were brought in civil Hospital of Turbat, then they couldn’t do anything because of no burn unit. Likely, in a village named Shapuk, where 10 people died throughout a cylinder blast in a marriage party, and these 10 people belonged to the same family, that time also because of lack of healthcare sector in Turbat’s civil hospital made them to die, and this time again the same reason, healthcare sector is the basic needs of every place situated in Pakistan, they should not be ignored by their this basic need. The newly elected government needs to provide healthcare sector in overall Pakistan’s villages.


Singanisar, December 1.