The recent general issue that happening is rape means sexual meeting, in Pakistan the majority of the people who are addicted to rape culture. However, according to the new report a boy under the age of 12-13 rapped in Panjab and who was belonging to a professional family since couldn’t bear this heavy mass of respect on the shoulders of his family as a result committed suicide. Furthermore, kidnapping and rape are made so common everywhere if we visit than such painful news can be heard as before two weeks a girl of class eight has been rapped by her teacher, unfortunately the world is reached on the stage of unbelievable that no one is able to believe in parents, teachers, siblings, even hundreds because once a husband in Dasht had alcohol and was out of control than he has abused the wife even though the continuous sexual inter cross made her unable to walk but the sad portion of all is yet no authorities have taken any steps to this contiguous issue. To conclude, I would love to have my responsible request to our authorities as PM and CM to have a serious search on the common issue to find the conclusion of this.


Turbat, December 2.