In Asian countries Pakistan is having a high rate of illegal hunting of birds. There are some rare animals and birds which are in danger now. It seems that each year 5 million only birds are being haunted illegally. Birds are a part of ecosystem and they are the beauty of nature. Without being concerned about their importance, we are taking them towards extinction.

However, if we put a glance toward 2017 and 2018 when the Federal Government allowed king of Bahrain Sheikh Hamad Bin Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa and five his associated to hunt the internationally protect houbara bustard during the season. If the government itself allows others to hunt, then what about citizens who are hunting commonly in Pakistan. On the other hand, Baluchistan and Sindh are the provinces in which illegal hunting is common. Baluchistan is the most effected one for this, as in a year more than 2 million birds and other animals are being haunted callously, but still government is silent for this regard. It is the time for everyone to take a serious action for animals and to save them. We must not allow anyone from other countries to come and do illegal things on our land. For this our government can play a significant role. And it is hoped that the government will stop these illegal activities.