The structural unit of a building is a brick. The quality of brick decides the life span and strength of the building. Similarly a human being is a structural unit of a society and if he is not a quality unit like a brick, the society will be a weak one and hence good societies take every possible step to make its members more useful. Education is the primary concern for the purpose of human development and this sector is heavily invested to reach this objective. The book is the basic requirement in academics. It’s a common observation that in the developed societies, the book has got immense importance.

The books are published in large editions that is in millions they are sold immediately because the people await them. That is the reason the book reading is on the peak here. Libraries and bookshops are in large numbers as compared to underdeveloped countries. Very few books are published annually in our country and most of these books go to the dust bins because very few people purchase and read them. Our editions are also very small that is just a few thousands. Writing and publishing books is not a profitable business so it is ignored. So how this situation can be improved?

It is the need of the time to revive the habit of book reading among the masses. This habit has a lot of benefits in it. Book reading is considered the best pastime because it modifies the individual habits which ultimately changes the collective habits within the society. Deep thinking and better understanding of day to day issues also improve. Finally, the book is the strongest source of knowledge. As a nation, we have very weak habits of book reading so it is the need of the time to modify our attitude towards book reading.