Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam and movement for making Pakistan was based on two nation theory which states that Muslims and hindus are entirely two different nations living together in sub-continent and their culture and customs do not match with each other thus it was realized by our Muslims leaders that there should be a separate land where Muslims can practice their religion freely. It has been 72 years of independence of Pakistan.

The question is whether Muslims of Pakistan are really practicing their religion or are they busy replicating the same what is being done by Indians whether they are hindus or christians. The answer is pathetic that we Muslims in Pakistan precisely doing what is being done by Indians regardless of their religion.

How it can be digested that a country which came into being precisely in the name of Islam conducting fashion shows and majority of models are Muslims who exhibits themselves more than the dresses which they wear as the dresses are transparent and half naked. Weird fashion of dresses are introduced in fashion shows which are not made to cover the body of the women for which the dresses are prepared to but to show off themselves. Did it happen so in the state of Madina?

Prime minister should take note of fashion shows in Pakistan otherwise that day is not far away when Pakistan would be conducting and hosting world beauty competition in the country and if it happens so then what would be the need to have separate land for Muslims.