SARGODHA - There are more than 441 unregistered private schools being run across the district with the alleged connivance of education department officers and officials.

According to the reporter of a survey conducted in the city and rural areas on the orders of Punjab government, the Education Department authorities have served notices on owners and administration of all those private schools, who have failed to registered their institution with the department.

Source in the department informed that majority of the unregistered private schools are being patronised by influential people.

“Mainly politician leaders appear to be patronising such people running unregistered schools, which have nothing to do with promotion of education but to earn money,” the sources pointed out.

They said that it is a strong mafia which enjoys contacts not only in political circles but within the education department, adding that they are playing with future of the nation and the government must focus this mafia at the earliest.

On other hand, Assistant Director Education Fazal Ranjha informed that the education authorities have given a 14 days’ time to owners of all the unregistered schools, otherwise their private schools would be sealed.



Deputy Commissioner took notice of the consistent absence of Motor Vehicle Examiner (MVO) from his office. Local rickshaw union had filed an application to the Deputy Commissioner, contending that MVE Tahir Sohail does attending his MVE office situated at general bus stand since three months which has been causing multiple problems for the transporters and general public. Deputy Commissioner sought early report from District Regional Transport Authority (DRTA) Farooq Haider Aziz about the matter. On the other hand, MVE office sources informed that their officer has to go to field for vehicles checking, therefore he finds little time for the office.