Lahore - Punjab Information Minister Fayazul Hassan Chohan shared the incident at PIC, which turned into a deadly battlefield on Wednesday.

“Such an act by an educated community like lawyers is highly condemnable,” he told the media at a press conference. He said Chief Minister Usman Bazdar at an emergency issued directives to bring to book the culprits at the earliest.

He said: “According to preliminary investigation, PML-N people have been identified as lawbreaking lawyers. They are stated to b be close associates of Hamza and Maryam Shahbaz.

H said he went to PIC on the CM’s directives and being a rep of government.

“I took to the hospital as a representative of the Punjab government without fear to get the issue resolved amicably. But the PML-N people attacked my,” he recalled. The minister thanked the media persons for saving him from the mob.

Law minister refutes allegation of govt passiveness

He also shared his rescue efforts, saying: “I persuaded the police force not to fire shots at lawyers so that a Model Town-like tragedy could be averted. Backed by DIG operations, I dispersed lawyers with the help of water cannons, and personally rescued about ten lawyers from angry mob and handed them over to the police.”

The minster also praised Barrister Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan and Barrister Ali Zafar for their role in restoring peace. He said Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar announced financial assistance for the victims.

Minister for Law Raja Basharat said that the government was in constant touch with law enforcement agencies, health department, lawyers and doctors.

At no point did the government separate itself from the situation, said the minister, in an apparent response to the accusations that the government did not intervene on time.

He urged the lawyers and the doctors to show restraint. Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid said the whole country was saddened by this shameful incident. She added that the attitude of lawlessness by lawyers was highly condemnable.  Even during the wars, she said, hospitals are declared immune from such attacks.