The two announcements made in Islamabad on November 4 by Prime Minister Imran Khan are worth some assessment and gratitude. The first was about a rational program to be launched for the poor by the PTI government. Since the country’s worsening economic conditions have increased the number of people barely living on meager resources, a reasonable system would certainly help millions of people in need of such assistance.

Prime Minister Imran Khan declared that the government would provide poor families with rice, ghee, pulses, sugar, and other necessities. Perhaps this is appreciable. Also appreciable is the other announcement, intended for young people in Pakistan. It says that every year, deserving students will receive 50,000 scholarships under the Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program. While the ration program will benefit’ the poorest of the poor segments of society,’ the scholarship program will also benefit lower-middle-class families. I would like to thank Prime Minister for these two great announcements.