ISLAMABAD - The Ministry of Interior has moved a summary to Prime Minister Imran Khan to bring pay package and allowances of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) at par with the enhanced salary structure of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in a bid to “boost the morale of its employees dealing with the organized crimes.”

The summary has been moved with the approval of Interior Minister Brigadier (retd) Ijaz Ahmad Shah and in the light of the discussion of newly appointed Director General FIA Wajid Zia during his call on meeting with the PM on December 2. Zia took charge of his office the same day. It seeks approval of the PM.

The FIA’s investigation officers had been demanding revised pay structure for the last many years asking the federal government that they should be paid well to provide them a better atmosphere to investigate corruption cases of worth millions of rupees.

Zia in his first meeting, in his official capacity as DG, with the PM had put this proposal before him to which the premier agreed and asked for moving a summary through a proper channel.

PM asked to approve enhanced salary structure at par with NAB’s

“It is submitted that FIA is the prime investigation agency of the Federal Government which conducts investigations in the field of economic crime, money laundering, cybercrime, combating terrorism, human and drug trafficking, terror financing and organized crimes,” reads the summary.

The summary says that the pay and allowances of officers of FIA are not commensurate with the job of investigation of crimes involving millions of rupees.

“The pay package of FIA is low as compared to other investigation departments like NAB, due to which FIA is unable to attract honest and competent officers.”

It says that there is huge disparity in the pay package of NAB and FIA, as is evident from the comparison of both, annexed with the summary.

It is essential to revise the current pay package of FIA and bring it at par with NAB, the anti-corruption watchdog having an autonomous constitutional status, to boost the morale of the FA employees and to attract upright and competent officers in federal government’s premier investigation agency, it adds.

“It is requested that the FIA may also be given the pay package approved for NAB. The financial impact calculated for the sanctioned strength for the above proposal comes to Rs 1241 million from January to June 2020,” says the summary adding that the required budget for the working strength is Rs 781 million for the same period which is also requested to be allocated.

In March, 2019; then government had approved a better pay package for NAB employees while announcing investigation allowance equal to 60 percent, and utility allowance equal to 25 percent, of the running basic pay.

The employees were also given fixed daily allowance equal to 20 dailies besides they were also given the hardship allowance equal to the basic pay as on June 30, 2015.

Through the revised package, the employees were also given NAB Allowance, 20 percent for grade 1 to 16 employees and 15 percent for grade 17 and above employees, of the basic pay that stood on June 30, 2011. They were also given exemption of 5 percent house rent charges deduction.