MUMBAI No official approach has yet been made again to former coach Geoff Lawson but the former Australian fast bowler has said he is willing to undertake coaching assignment for the Pakistani team. He wants the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ijaz Butt to apologise to him for removing him as national coach before even the termination of his contract. Speaking exclusively to this scribe over his mobile from Sydney on Thursday, he said, I would not consider any offers from Pakistan while Ijaz Butt was still involved in any capacity with the PCB unless he offered a full and detailed apology. On July 16 2007, he was appointed as coach of the Pakistan cricket team for two years, becoming the third foreigner (South Africas Richard Pybus and Bob Woolmer being other two) to take on the role. On 20 October 2008, the PCB chairman Ijaz Butt stated Lawsons contract would not be renewed once his term finishes in April 2009 stating We have no utility for Lawson. He was subsequently sacked on 24 October. Greg Chappell has made his reasons clear. The main point for Greg being approached is very obvious - Butt has realized his major error and has followed the forward thinking lead shown by Nasim Ashraf back in August 2007. Even after removal, Lawson was shown to keep loyalties, in the recently concluded Pakistan vs. Australia series, he was reportedly seen wearing a Pakistan T-Shirt. Lawson doesnt want to recommend any name to the PCB for Intikhab Alams successor. I have no suggestions as to a suitable replacement but Ejaz Ahmed seems like a good person to start with. Mautisham Rasheed should be immediately reinstated as the fielding coach on full time basis to help restore the quality of fielding, he further added. Known to all as Henry after the Australian bush poet, he is still near to the game as an analyst and spectator. I am currently involved as a High Level coaching consultant for a number of Australian and international cricket organizations as well a working extensively in cricket broadcasting, he added.