LAHORE Raymond Davis, the American who killed two Pakistanis, was shifted to the maximum-security portion of the Kot Lakhpat Jail on Friday, but only after luxuries had been in place and the entire section vacated, it is learnt. Plain-clothed foreigners, likely to be from the US Consulate, have been deployed for his security in addition to Rangers and police, insiders said. Earlier, the American killer was scheduled to get a Class-A room especially furnished for him, but TheNations disclosure of it, which raised peoples eyebrows that how a foreigner who killed two Pakistanis in a broad daylight could secure VIP treatment, the authorities shifted him to the sub-jail, meant for the most dangerous, in the Kot Lakhpat Jail. There are four sub-jails in Kot Lakhpat Old Jail, New Jail, Womens Jail and High Security Jail (where Davis is kept), said a senior jail officer on condition of anonymity. Only hardened criminals involved in anti-state activities, religious extremism or terrorism are locked up in the high-security sub-jail, he claimed. Furthermore, all 31 sub-jail occupants, linked to a proscribed outfit, have been shifted to six other jails in Sialkot, Faisalabad, Sahiwal and Multan. Notwithstanding the security concerns, vacating the entire sub-jail for one prisoner and ensuring him a luxurious stay is no less than a daunting task in addition to being a drain on taxpayers money. Neither does Davis arrival in the jail come without the other inmates paying a price. They have been facing prolonged dining delays among other hardships since the start of arrangements for the US nationals arrival. Each barrack is closed for three to four hours a day on average, said a jail official, requesting anonymity. Over 3,700 inmates are housed in the jail right now, but every one of them is facing a tough time, he said. About the facilities being provided to Davis, the official said a laptop, a telephone set, a cosy bed, attached washroom, TV, internet and wardrobes are at his disposal so far. Asked about the jail authorities stance, the official said Raymond Davis uses his laptop in the presence of DIG Shahid Saleem Baig and DIG Salik Jalal while US Consulate officials, including US Consulate General Carmela Conroy, visited him Friday night. Curtains draped every door in every barrack when the US delegation visited the jail. More than 400 visitors arriving to see their locked-up relatives were turned away Friday morning, the official added. Senior Deputy Superintendent Saleem Niazi has been especially transferred from the Camp Jail to look after the sub-jail in Kot Lakhpat. DIG Shahid, DIG Salik and Superintendent Mian Mushtaq turned down repeated calls for their version. US seeks immediate release Page 3