Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Saturday said that Egypt must now have a clear timetable for free and fair elections following the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak. Egypt is under military rule following the resignation of President Mubarak on Friday night, which saw celebrations sweep across Egypt and the world. More than a million demonstrators have packed central Cairo's Tahrir Square on the 18th day of massive nationwide protests, demanding the overthrow of Mubarak. According to a joint statement released on Saturday by Gillard and Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, fundamental reform is needed in Egypt to ensure the opportunity and freedom that ordinary Egyptians have been calling for. "Australia calls for constitutional reform and a clear timetable towards free and fair elections and a representative civilian government that ordinary Egyptians have been calling for, " the statement said. The pair said all Australians will have been moved by "the joy we saw in Cairo's Tahrir Square." Earlier on Saturday, Rudd said the resignation of Mubarak is an historic event, and it is a time of great celebration for the people of Egypt. Rudd said the Australian government salutes the courage of the Egyptian people and it looks forward to working with the authorities in Egypt on the future development of the Egyptian democracy. However, he warned there were many open questions facing the Egyptian people and the international community. Rudd told ABC Radio that the questions include the precise role of the military council now in paving the way towards democratic elections; what is the continuing role of the interim cabinet appointed by then-president Mubarak and vice-president Suleiman? Will there be a new interim government appointed for the purposes of making revisions to the Egyptian constitution to hold the elections? And fourthly, what would be the timetable for such elections? Rudd said the process towards democratic transformation and the holding of free and fair elections must be made clear as soon as possible.