LAHORE Former ISI chief Lt General (r) Hameed Gull has warned that releasing Raymond Davis would bring chaos for the government. Addressing the Nazaria Pakistan Conference here on Friday, he said, America, which is weakening day-by-day cannot do anything against Pakistan and the time has reached when the government refuse to bow before any US demand. Nazaria Pakistan Trust Chairman and Editor-in-Chief TheNation Majid Nizami presided on the 2nd day of the conference. Senator SM Zafar, Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Mashood and Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali also addressed on the occasion. Gull paid tribute to Majid Nizami for establishing a national institute for securing the ideology of Pakistan. He said he heard the good news that the US wanted to end diplomatic ties with Pakistan. If this happened our sovereignty would be secured, he added. American, Israel and Indias unity is against Pakistan, former army officers told the crowd of hundreds who attended the moot. There is no difference between Islam and Pakistan and sectarianism is totally against the Islamic system. Gull said the rulers always made decision against the national interest. And now it was the duty of the youth to bring out an Islamic revolution which was the real demand of the 88 percent of the population. Speaking on the occasion, Senator SM Zafar said the Kashmiris had been sacrificing for freedom since last half century and if the Indian government had now resisted to their demands than time would slipped and other 32 separatist movements inside India would also become strong, he added. He assured that whole Kashmir would be the part of Pakistan. Rana Mashood said none other political party despite of Muslim League could secure the Pakistan Ideology. Sahibzada Sultan delivered a lecture on the teachings of Islam regarding importance of scientific education.